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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou [Daily Lives of High School Boys]: Episode 01 – First Impressions Review

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
Virgin power, eh? How does it work exactly?…

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou is, I think, going to be the highlight comedy of the season. From the get go I was bursting out with laughter and I even had a few teary eyed moments. If you love something like Gintama, then this is a less explicit and more casual, high school version of that but still with all the humour. I had serious doubts about this previously though. It had aired as an internet short series on Japanese youtube equivalent, NicoNicoDouga and that was where it made a name for itself however, even though they were funny, they were still shorts. I had some doubts as to whether this could be sustained for half an hour – not only were my doubts unfounded but blown out of the water. I knew it would be somewhat funny, but this was hilarious. It was written well, the characters are all very likeable, solid Seiyuu and its random as hell. What’s not to love?

On the Topic of skirts: “I found your sisters skirts. Shall the three of us try them on? Yea okay…”


This show is great. I really am not sure how much I can write about it – not because its deficient in things to compliment rather, because there isn’t much that is wrong with it or that requires much explanation. It doesn’t have any storyline so it is episodic. It features 3 boys – Tadakuni, Tabata Hidenori and Tanaka, Yoshitake – who literally do and talk about the most random things. The jokes are increasingly random (like Gintama) and the situations increasingly hilarious (like Gintama). It has a very upbeat feel but at the same time, it isn’t trying to be over-energetic. It just is what it is (like Gintama). One thing that really got me though was the voicing done for Hidenori – the seiyuu for his character is none other than the face of Gintama, Sugita Tomokazu who I find to be an amazing voice actor – he really bring style and energy to the role. To be honest, I keep making references back to Gintama but for the first half of the show, I just kept seeing Hidenori’s character as Gin and it just felt wrong (though it was still very funny). However, I got used to it, and it only made me appreciate the character more. Despite all my comparison though, this anime isn’t the same as Gintama. Gintama usually has devices to trigger jokes, Danshi Koukousei is literally just off the cuff random. All the set ups are like individual skits, being 5 minutes long or so each – well they varied but the episode was broken up into 4 main jokes so I just guess-timated. In any case, it was hilarious and really my kind of anime.

The situations these boys get in are nonsensical. Its a slice of life anime but in all honesty, their conversations and reactions are anything but real life. Whilst some people may find time to be this ridiculous, for the most part, the rest of us don’t. However, it makes for an amazing comedy anime. They play on all of the random anime clichés, the end scene was a full satire of the whole serious shonen/romance meetings. I found myself literally, almost rolling on the floor laughing. They nailed the clichés to a tee, they pick out those ridiculous little facets of anime and exploit them and of course we get those Japanese culture jokes but they all just seem so random, its absurd.

In any case, I feel like I’m just repeating myself by saying it was just random and hilarious but that is the only way to describe this show. I loved it. I’m sure it will go on to be a success for the season. Its only been confirmed 12 episodes sadly but I just hope the remaining 11 episodes are just as funny as the first – if they are, we have another serious contender for the winter 2012 comedy title next to Recorder to Randoseru for me. So, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou gets a staunch 8.5 from me.

Likelihood I’ll be watching: Definite! Likelihood I’ll be blogging: Probable

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