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Area no Kishi – Episode 02

This episode was rather different from the first – it dialled down the humour and has a more character focused story. I guess that is to be expected as the first episode needs to introduce everyone however, from watching this episode I think I’m starting to see where Area no Kishi is heading. Kakeru seems to have some good character development going on and perhaps Suguru isn’t as generic as I first thought – though all the fangirls being absent from this episode did help. In any case, Area no Kishi seems to be trying to be a proper shonen show, and I’m not so sure that being so serious over an issue such as football, is going to work. As I said before, I can appreciate the passion and esteem which some people afford football and footballers however, what I don’t understand is dramatisation of said things. Like this:

Killing intent?… You’re just playing football – even if you take it very seriously, I don’t think anyone has a killing intent. Lines like these might work in Naruto or Bleach because they have huge action scenes and a lot of people do actually die however, I do not think playing high school football is really equivalent to fighting tailed demon beasts or fighting with swords. Despite this though, I still find myself getting drawn more and more into Area no Kishi. I quite like the way Nana is getting used more and more as a mediator to reveal what Suguru is really thinking to us viewers, seeing as he is not a central character who does monologues or the chatty type for that matter. Though, I’m still not sure about the possibility of a love triangle, I am more inclined to say that its becoming more and more apparent that Nana likes Kakeru. Whilst the alien part was just cheesy in the first episode, I think it was actually a pretty good idea in this episode Kakeru shares things with us we may not have found out otherwise and we get this whole pathetic fallacy going on resulting in the tension between the brothers. This isn’t gcse english but, that is what it was. So the scripting in this episode was good. Though again, I found that at times, the dialogue didn’t seem to flow for example – If the alien person knows that he has a weak left, then why is he going into a monologue about it?! Surely you don’t tell someone that they know something then repeat it? Whilst it isn’t a huge issue, I just felt the writer was struggling to expose a lot of the back story that is missing and we are wondering about so used plot devices like this.

All that said, I did like the episode. Great character development going on, I’m beginning to connect with the characters and slowly, semblance of a detailed and dramatic plot line is forming. The end was particularly of surprise. I didn’t expect that and I’m quite curious what the outcome is. I think it will become such that Suguru will reveal his dream to Kakeru who will be motivated to become the Area no Kishi that Suguru wanted and he is going to get good as Suguru recovers so they can live out that dream. ClichĂ© and predictable however, I think it will be entertaining nonetheless. So overall, I’m looking forward to the next episode. Kakeru looks set to get serious and the show looks set to pick up in momentum.

The episode made me randomly think of this:

I only usually get this excited when they say the title of the movie, in the movie!
I need… A Knight in the Area!
Ah! Ah! He said it, he said it! Did you hear?!


2 responses

  1. While watching this episode, it felt to me like the story writers just sort of said “here, have this story.” The flow of dialogue, as you said, was a little “off.” If a story (or in this case character interaction) is a physical object, than it felt (to me) like they just sort of brought it to you, dropped it on the floor, and walked away. The episode did pick up near the end and completed on a “high note” (from a story standpoint), but I thought that everything up to that point was kind of…Bleh. I’m not really a sports anime fan (or, for that matter, a sports fan period), but it was the drama parts of this episode, rather than the sports parts, that bothered me.

    To answer a couple of your questions:
    a.) Yes Kakeru had to monologue. Don’t ask why, he just did.
    b.) Actually, Suguru WAS trying to kill him, so that line worked. No, really, I swear he was.
    Also, I felt the same way. I wanted to shout out “We have a title!”
    Once more, nice use of screencaps.

    January 15, 2012 at 12:05 am

    • Yea I agree. I don’t really know what to expect though, apart from the immensity that was Hajime no Ippo, I have never watched any other sports anime. I was even hesitant about starting this one but my friend highly recommended it and told me I should look for other sports anime – though I’m quite into sports, I can’t see the appeal in sports anime. Area no Kishi has been a bit surprising though so depending on how the next few episodes go, my opinion may be shifted.

      Family guy flashed in my mind and I laughed out loud as the truck was coming so that probably wasn’t the right time lol
      Once again, thanks for checking this out.

      January 15, 2012 at 12:20 am

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