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Anicongruence was started as I have always loved to talk and be opinionated about anime with anyone I can find and so I thought, hey, why not try my hand at blogging? I have always had an interest in writing and anime has been a long held passion of mine, so to put the two together, only seems to make sense – if not, my life a bit more interesting. I also have quite a bit of interest in fan art and also website creation and design thus, an ani-blog on wordpress seemed like the perfect suffusion of my interests (with the great HTML editor available and CSS custom edit functions). I’m not particularly interested to talk about my personal life though, so lets stick to anime.

I started watching anime very young, although oddly, it was a hobby unbeknownst to even myself. From about the age of 6/7 ish until about 12/13 ish I was watching shows like Dragon Ball Z, Cardcaptor Sakura (It was cool at my age!), Yu-Gi-Oh! (which later developed into a card game addiction), Cowboy bebop, Shaman King, Gundam Wing, Ultimate Muscle and the ilk that came on Cartoon Network. At that age, I enjoyed it hugely however, it wasn’t until I hit my late teens that I actually realised they were anime and what anime was. This came to me in the form of  Naruto which I unwittingly watched, for nothing more than random amusement, on what was formally known as Jetix – now, only God knows what (no pun intended). After finishing the season on TV, I discovered the Godsend that is anime streaming and torrents/downloads. Suffice to say, that was my re-awakening to anime and I quickly marathoned shows like Bleach and One Piece in a fit of shonen fanboydom.

However, after exhausting a lot of the main stream, I went in search of more. Such is how my love of bizarre mystery, philosophical and psychological anime came about, as well as my unabashed love for slice of life and (some) romance. I do also remain a huge fan of comedy anime and am firmly of the belief, that comedy in anime, is a style unto its own – the rom com’s of anime are great, Jennifer Aniston has nothing on Kaichou wa Maid sama. Mecha will always be a favourite of mine – so if its a mecha, comedy, romance with psychological and philosophical implications, you can bet I will watch it (I’m looking at you Evangelion). So I guess you could say I enjoy quite a large variety of anime. One thing I do not like though, is excessive fan service (the naked kind), nor have I ever really cared for (with the exception of Cardcaptor) mahou shoujo anime either.

After becoming tired of waiting for weekly releases, I jumped into manga and never looked back. I soon picked up a bunch of series just for the manga as well as following the series I already watched with their respective manga. I’ll often pick up a random manga as there are a lot of non-animated series which are amazing or just highly under-appreciated, hidden gems. So, there will probably be some manga talk here as well.

Anyway, check out the blog and hope you enjoy reading! Feel free to leave a comment and subscribe as you wish.

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My Ratings will be out of ten.

I shall also comment on the likelihood I shall be watching and blogging a series, whenever I do a first impressions. If I stay with the series until end of season, I review it again and compare my first impressions review with my last impressions. The likelihood will be scaled as such:

Zero Kelvin: I definitely will not.

Unlikely: I probably will not.

Unsure: I haven’t decided whether I want to / whether it require me to (This isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

Decent: I intend to do so but it won’t be at the top of my list.

Probable: I will most likely do so.

Definite: I definitely will.