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Ano Natsu de Matteru

Ano Natsu de Matteru [Waiting in that Summer] Episode 01 – First Impressions Review

Here comes… Teacher- I mean, Ichika…

Judging by the caption above, you may have guessed what I was hinting at. Ano Natsu de Matteru is basically a reanimated and character shuffled version of Onegai Teacher. Though it is highly reminiscent of that anime that I remember quite fondly having watched some few years back, I don’t know whether it is any better. The art looks the same, the character modelling is pretty much the same especially seeing as the artists were of the same origin. Even the animation doesn’t look that updated, its quite clear this doesn’t have a huge budget – though I would say just from seeing the first episode, its clear onegai fans will flock to it regardless. But that exactly there, is the main issue. Is it an onegai remake or is it an onegai rip-off? The former being something to look forward to and the latter being something the original fans hate.

Well, after watching it, I was pretty unsure as to what I thought however, I think I’ve sussed out what I think about this show… Its a rip off. Namely for a few reasons. The first, is characters. The characters in this Ano Natsu are nowhere near as engaging. The main character seems to be toting some sort of pseudo intellect – whilst narrating and talking over himself, that’s impressively contrived – about the first few seconds of the show before promptly getting decimated by the incoming alien. But that isn’t even the half of it, he then seems to show us nothing about himself other than he is a big cliché and not the good kind that makes you think back fondly, more the boring kind that makes you think that if it weren’t for his clothes, you’d barely be able to notice his existence as a personality. Giving him a camera and acting like a wanabee producer does not make him a “deep” character and neither does it give us any kind of input. I didn’t feel connected to him in any way as compared to the main characters in Onegai. The rest all seem pretty much to be clones of the Onegai character sets and situations – sister leaves, alien arrives and stays, paves way for some lewd situations to occur, there are already numerous blindingly obvious hints as to where the romance is heading. The good thing about onegai was that the romance always developed, in Ano Natsu, it seems like its already there and for anyone who has watched the original, it feels like you can already guess. Its obvious he will pick the alien girl over the human (first time I’ve referred to people in terms of the human race when it comes to romance…) and the rest is just side story really. But even the alien doesn’t seem that interesting. She has been typecast to obviously give us the fan service and the romance but all in all it just makes her seem kind of lack lustre. I just can’t get my head around why this would be better than Onegai or even, why you would make an inferior copy. Even the side characters are bland – there is the obvious loli copy with the cliché fufufu laugh, there is the lazy meaningless shy girl there to provide that cute edge – worst of all though, so far the whole alien thing just seems to be a side plot – for some reason alien technology requires you to kiss people to heal them and if you’re in a skimpy towel, its even more effective.

That said, there are numerous upsides to this series. The thing is though, all the good points, are similarly taken from Onegai. Not really many positives that differ from Onegai, so I feel I would be repeating them if I bothered. There is the great country calm, the pleasantries of the summer, the really light feel of the characters and the nice development of character bonds. It has all the ingredients of Onegai. I’m sure the romance will pick up, the drama will be something to look forward to, the unrequited love will be sad but endearing and overall, the show will have a very sad yet happy ending. But again, all of this is from Onegai. Though, one thing this show didn’t inherit from Onegai, was the humour. The jokes it tried seemed forced and really boring to me – I hardly laughed, maybe 1 smirk in the whole episode. They really should work on that.

If you’re wondering why I hardly named the characters, its because their names aren’t important, they aren’t really personalised and if you’ve watched Onegai, then you’ll just think of them as Onegai characters so why bother wasting brain functions by learning needless, new names when the good old one’s suffice. As I said, everything bad in here is because its a rip, of Onegai. However, everything good is also from Onegai – and Onegai being great in its own right, automatically gave this show huge plus’. If you haven’t seen Onegai, you’ll love this. Simple. If you have seen Onegai, you’ll still like this, it just won’t be as good or constant comparison will make this one look shoddy – regardless though, as hopeless Onegai fans, we’ll watch it anyway. So I guess since I fall into the latter, I have to admit I did enjoy it at point but also due to the latter category, I similarly found it a bit shoddy. So all in all, Ano Natsu de Matteru gets an sub-standard Onegai 7/10 from me, for its first episode.

NB: Most of that positive score comes from Onegai. Nuf’ Sed.

Likelihood I’ll be watching: Probable Likelihood I’ll be blogging: Unsure