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Indefinite Hiatus

Gintoki #1
Gintokiro in all his glory

Hey all, due to some recent personal stuff I think I’ll have to put Anicongruence on an indefinite hiatus. Nothing is wrong, I’m just becoming increasingly busy and unable to post and so I thought it best just to put the blog aside for now as to post properly, I do have to put a good amount of time in and other more pressing things (studies to be exact) demand my attention more than the site. The site was actually generating some good traffic and I do not want to loose it, so this may be resurrected some day, who knows. Hopefully it will in the near future. Take care until then. Gintoki out!


Anicongruence – Hajimemasuyo!

K-ON! demands cake – because cake time, is all the time.

Its the launch of Anicongruence and whilst it is an occasion celebrated only by me at the moment, I am hopeful that the blog will expand. So please check out my posts, comment, and follow if you wish. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, as much as I will enjoy writing them!