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Recorder to Randoseru [Recorder and Ransell] Episode 02 Review

Atsushi-kun got a new toy.

Recorder to Randoseru, has gone down a different route for this episode. In the first episode we were introduced to the concept, we had quite a lot of laughs and generally the whole show seemed to have that upbeat feel to it that makes it instantly loveable. This episode however, whilst I still do like the characters, has deviated from the traits in the first episode that made its premier so loved. Namely; the humour. The humour has taken a hit and seeing as the humour is the chief feature of this show, it isn’t really the best move to take. Now, it isn’t that Recorder to Randoseru has suddenly become less funny, rather this episode was spent trying to convey some context and meaning into the characters. It was titled “Everyday with Atsumi” – hence we were taken through (and extremely abridged) version of her normal day. Though it just consisted of her talking about how milk doesn’t help her height but she still loves it. Then it switches to a conversation about Atsushi where Atsumi’s friend thinks he’s cute (little does she know…) and Atsumi shows us how he isn’t – as we all obviously know. There is then this shopping scene and a sibling love kind of ending with the kind of Usagi Drop hand holding frame – I was reminded of Usagi drop because Atsumi was so small and Atsushi so tall, I automatically thought of Daikichi and Rin. also, the character relationship is a very innocent one and resounded strongly with the Usagi innocence. Now this is all fine and good, I’m glad to see Recorder isn’t just a slapstick however, the major flaw in a move like this is, its a 4 panel anime short derivative. This means we only have about 2 minutes of precious screen time – this could have been spent making us laugh but instead we got a character development or rather, a profile expansion per se. 2 minutes is not long enough to expose such a thing, its only long enough to make us laugh. Which, I must say I only did so once in the episode.

One thing to note was that the animation was still top knotch. It only exemplified the very kawai, moe traits of Atsumi and tbh, its hard not to like her character.

Well, there isn’t much to say. It was a nice episode, everything still felt very pleasant, it was still light and there was a little bit of humour. Whilst I do really appreciate the authors attempts to make the characters more than just joke machines, and trust me I do think highly of character development, I felt that whilst it did leave a lasting impression, I was a bit disappointed I didn’t get my unique brand of Recorder comedy. So I guess this episodes goes 2 ways – if you watched this for the comedy, this episode may have been a bust. If you don’t mind seeing a bit more of the main character relationships and enjoy the general innocent feel of the anime – this episode is a pleasant watch. You decide. I’d be interested to know how others saw Recorder to Randoseru.


Recorder to Randoseru [Recorder and Ransell] Episode 01 – First Impressions Review

Ne, ne! Check out my new coat Hana-chan!

Watch the episode in HQ

I wasn’t originally planning to watch this as it looked pretty purposeless and somewhat plain to me but, in a spur of the moment decision, I’m so glad I changed my mind. It’s essentially 3 minutes, of laughter. My first anime short, and it was great. How can you sum up Recorder and Ransell? Hilarious and too short. I know its an anime short so the length is to be expected, but when it is this funny, it just makes me sad. The show has such potential – there isn’t any kind of sophisticated humour, it is the simple and subtle humour of the typical Japanese “this is a misunderstanding” idiosyncrasy. We start with Atsushi who is an 11 year old boy who has grown to 170cm – and looks much older than he actually is – who is living with his 17 year old, extremely moe, 137cm tall older sister; Atsumi. Quite the duo. The show writes itself – it’s a set up for randomly hilarious situations and that is exactly what it delivers, whilst still maintaining an innocent atmosphere about the characters. The story was simple; Atsumi got Atsushi a new coat and he shows it off to his 11 year old friend Hana-chan however, due to his unfortunately abnormal growth and looks, he looks like a molester and a large misunderstanding by a passing woman, leads to his arrest. Sounds stupid and sounds immature, but it was pulled off flawlessly. The juxtaposition between Atsushi’s appearance as a molester, compared to his and Hana’s innocence about the coat, was done so very well, that you couldn’t help but laugh and didn’t feel childish about doing so.

I only learnt two things from this show, a) that Atsushi is awful at playing the Recorder and b) molester misunderstandings (must stress the ‘misunderstanding’ part) are hilarious. The show is innocent, the art is great, the characters are pleasant and it is very well produced. Guaranteed enjoyment. Short review for a short anime. So Recorder and Ransell, receives an effortless 8 for me, for its first try.

Likelihood of me watching: Definite! Likelihood of me blogging: Definite!