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Mirai Nikki [Future Diary] Episode 13 Review

Deus and his pokemon, Muru Muru

Mirai Nikki is quite a unique anime. There is quite a diversity about it – people will either love the raw audacity of the show or will slump their jaws at the riot pacing and overwhelming, absurdity of the show. I fall into the former for this. Episode 13 really shows what I mean. Its just packed with that weird Mirai Nikki feel where all the weirdest stuff is happening around the most commonplace situations. Just when you think Yuno has calmed down in regards to her overclocked, Yandere personality, she then springs this. Not only trapping others in her wake but also trapping the very person she adores. Yuno is probably the most psychotic yandere to grace the anime scene in a while and to be honest, she amuses me to no end. Her actions are so wild and her motivations are so decadent, yet the audience cannot help but love the character – if not actually want her to succeed. She does all this so easily – it never feels like her actions are strained or the show is purposefully trying to be weird, Yuno, is just crazy. Anyway, I’ve raved on about yet she was actually shown very little in this episode. Despite her not being shown in the episode at all until the last few seconds, her yandere presence was all over the episode.

This episode mainly consisted of Akira running around playing ace detective however, I couldn’t help but feel that actually, his supposedly genius deductions were pretty obvious to the audience. I guessed half of the things he was thinking before they were uttered and whilst I like the character, I feel he isn’t actually that impressive a detective – that, or the police really suck at their jobs in this anime seeing as Nishijima was pretty much Akira’s lapdog. As well as Akira, Hinata also got quite a bit of the spotlight in this episode. She was fangirling Yuki quite a bit in this episode and its quite obvious she has become infatuated with Yuki quite a bit, much to the disdain of Mao (who I laughed at perving on Hinata with a camera in the bath scene) – just don’t let Yuno find out. Back to the main point though, I just didn’t understand how they fell into some of these traps, either Hinata is incredibly slow or… well, that is pretty much the only explanation. Why would Yuki contact her? How did he know she was there? Wouldn’t Yuno have done something? Why go by yourself? Fail reasoning. Even Akira. He says hold the door open for what is quite clearly a trap, what does the person who says “you can count on me!” do? He lets go and waltz in all casual. And surprise surprise (/sarcasm) they got locked in and promptly gassed. This is what I mean about the absurdity of the show and the completely chaotic pacing. Despite all these glaring flaws, I still loved the episode. Mainly because of Yuno, mainly because of this:

I’d love to walk into a room to this scene.

This episode was pretty light though, no one got hurt. No one got stabbed. No one was impaled. No one was blown up. And I guess least serious of all, no one got Yuno’s crazy eyes. Those things can kill. I feel like a fangirl right now… Not that I care, Yuno makes Mirai Nikki what it is. In all honesty, she should be the main character. So it was a decent episode overall, a nice cool down to the mass drama of the last few episodes. I can’t wait for the following episode though, no doubt it will be ludicrous, but by Mirai Nikki standards, ludicrous is just the usual.